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My Father

Posted by alanmirs on March 16, 2006

By his intellect and political views, well known inside and out side of Iran was my father.

He was self educated person who learned by seeking knowledge from scalars like his father and for generations all our scalars were educated like he was.

This was the system which one need not have to have family connections or money to receive education, but one to be given education had to lose the interest of receiving financial rewards for what was lectured or taught, and learns for the sake of learning and helping others to learn.

My father changed long tradition of the world’s history.
He did not praise any king or a queen but he spent years to create a myth
called “Maaddeh Tarikh” which by calculating the letters of each verse you
arrive at a number representing a date, (each letter of Farsi represents a
number as Alef, Beh, Jim for 1, 2, 3 and Heh as 10 and so on) which he
related that to the date of a birth or an event.
This how ever I found the poem he presented to the last shah of Iran which I
believe it was placed on his desk and am investigating to find and have it
placed in a museum.
The one which was presented to the British royal family had some verses from
QURAN he has used to represent the dates of birth and events; I would love
to be able to locate it and have a copy of it.
I am communicating with the British embassy in Tehran to get some
information about the matter and if you have or know some one who has any
information please acquire it and send it to me.
I also found another verse of him dated 1944 expanding the profit’s
“Hasratteh Mohammad” verse and if you can have it translated to English it
is about the freedom.




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