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American “Conceit and Pride” Led to Iraq Mess

Posted by alanmirs on September 15, 2006

Khatami: American “Conceit and Pride” Led to Iraq Mess

By Adam Zagorin / Washington Friday, Sep. 08, 2006

Read more:,8599,1533026,00.html#ixzz13TSGxZxm

TIME: If you had any advice for the current President Bush, what
would it be?

Khatami: The President should dispense peace and justice and
reconciliation across the world. I believe that not only have U.S.
policies not stopped terrorism, they have actually exacerbated and
increased the problem.

TIME: Why?

Khatami: We could have resolved the Iraq issue without invasion
and occupation without the cost in terms of human life, American lives,
Iraqi lives and money. This could have been resolved. If the U.S. had
not had such a sense of conceit and pride, or maybe even arrogance.,8599,1533026,00.html


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