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Analysts: Bush’s cowboy image waning; world still wary

Posted by alanmirs on September 17, 2006

Bush and his foreign policy advisers have tried with some success to
dispel the caricature of Bush abroad as a Texas cowboy riding alone and
herding the U.S. into an unpopular war in Iraq.

The United States is relying more readily on international institutions
and alliances for help in Iran, Lebanon, North Korea, Sudan and
elsewhere. Yet, according to analysts, the Bush administration has less
room to maneuver.

With Bush nearly halfway through his final term, time is dwindling for
him to accomplish his signature goals of confronting terrorism and
spreading democracy, and he faces more distractions at home, said
Andrew Bacevich, a professor of international relations at Boston

"I’m not sure they have changed their minds about to what extent to
proceed unilaterally and how much to use military force so much as they
have run out of options," said Richard Stoll, a political science
professor at Rice University who studies foreign policy and national


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