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Blair – Hero or Zero? Dangerous Bush

Posted by alanmirs on September 28, 2006

13-Sep-06 01:03 PM

In the world of espionage , the highest honour goes to the double
agent. Someone who’s prepared to sacrifice not just their life , but
their very name for Queen & country. Some spies who defected during
the cold war are still reviled today , we may never know which were
double agents willing to give up their lives for the good of the nation.

Even before the Gospel of Judas was unearthed, some considered history
may have been unfair to the ‘great betrayer’. The traitors fate had
been foretold by the prophets, maybe he kissed Jesus in full knowledge
of what awaited him? Without the betrayal , how else could the cross
become the pledge of redemption?

On the face of it , invading Iraq without a clear exit strategy brands
Blair as a muppet, and arguably a blood thirsty one at that.

Its no secret that many decisions our leaders make are informned party
by knowledge not in the public domain. Unless you’ve worked in
government you’ll probably have little idea of how good they are at
keeping secrets.

So what if there are good reasons for Blairs deeds? The irrational
forces that led to the out break of WWI & II are still out there.
Maybe (for example) he’s helped prevent WWIII breaking out , after all
its about due. And maybe even to hint of his real reasons for the
poodle act with Bush would be against Britain’s interests, so Blair is
sacrificing his good name for the benefit of us all?

What im interested in is what do people think of Blair as a person?

Forget the analyses of his track record for a sec, its just possible we
don’t see enough of the full picture to make an informed judgement.
What is your instinctive reaction to him? How does Blair come across as
a person to those who’ve seen him speak on TV or in public.

As a manipulator all to ready to prostitute his persuasive gifts to those with greater power?

Or as a caring , pragmatic & insightful leader to whom we may owe more than we think?–

August 07

Dangerous Bush

Now the whole world knows Mr. Bush is a very sick, dangerous
man the system to create such person is to be revised.

Every country in the world is afraid of Mr. Bush, Britain
sides with him to control the situation, France, Germany, other E.U. countries
go further and deeper in the hole trying to balance him, he is afraid of
himself too for doing something more stupid that fellow Americans prosecute him
as Hitler the kid.

But for now Americans are some stun, some don’t even care;
some are in the position to be real afraid of him, and some like it.



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