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It’s Lonely At the Top

Posted by alanmirs on October 29, 2006

How the election became a referendum on an isolated President—and how it is
likely to reshape American politics

"Stay the course" is a time-honored rallying cry in politics. But it has
always been more a slogan than a strategy, meant to show the steadfastness of
the person who shouts it rather than what he actually intends to do. More
telling is when staying the course turns into "constantly changing tactics to
meet the situation on the ground." That is how President Bush is now
describing the battle plan in Iraq. It also pretty neatly sums up what his
presidency has come to as he reaches the eve of a midterm congressional
election that has turned into a referendum on Bush himself—and on a policy in
Iraq that has left him more isolated than at any other point in his


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