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Double standards

Posted by alanmirs on December 28, 2006

Barricade building cross borders with Mexico is honorable

Building roads to help next door neighbor thousands of years of connected history helping both country’s securities is taboo

Two years ago, foreign engineers built a new highway through the desert of western Afghanistan, past this ancient trading post and on to the outside world. Nearby, they strung a high-voltage power line and laid a fiber-optic cable, marked with red posts, that provides telephone and Internet access to the region, New York Times Reported on Wednesday

The modernization comes with a message. Every 5 to 10 miles, road signs offer quotations from the Koran. "Forgive us, God," declares one. "God is clear to everyone," says another. A graceful mosque rises roadside, with a green glass dome and Koranic inscriptions in blue tile. The style is unmistakably Iranian  


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