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weapons of mass destruction

Posted by alanmirs on January 2, 2007

How the west oppose weapons of mass destruction

Bushes pay tribute to Gerald Ford

First family joins New Year’s Day mourners at Capitol Rotunda

Image: Bushes pay respects to Ford
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images
President Bush and first lady Laura Bush pay their respects to former President Gerald Ford at the Capitol Rotunda Jan, 1.
Recently declassified documents reveal that though U.S. officials criticized Iraq’s use of chemical weapons against Iran, the Reagan administration sent several high-level delegations to Baghdad to reassure Hussein of continued support in the war.
"The U.S. will continue its efforts to help prevent an Iranian victory, and earnestly wishes to continue the progress in its relations with Iraq," Lawrence S. Eagleburger, then an undersecretary of State, said at the time, the documents show
Other documents show that Hussein met with U.S. officials just before he invaded Kuwait in 1990, leading some to speculate that American diplomats led him to believe his military move against the neighboring state would be tolerated by the George H.W. Bush administration


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