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Arab allies in region feeling pressure

Posted by alanmirs on January 31, 2007

With Iran Ascendant, U.S. Is Seen at Fault 

Image: Lebanese protester

Mohammed Zaatari / AP file
A Lebanese protester holds up bread as he stands in front of burning tires in the southern city of Sidon on Jan. 23. Hezbollah-led opposition protesters seek to topple U.S.-backed Prime Minister Fuad Saniora.
By Anthony Shadid

Updated: 8:20 a.m. ET Jan. 30, 2007

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Kuwait rarely rebuffs its ally, the United States, partly out of gratitude for the 1991 Persian Gulf War. But in October it reneged on a pledge to send three military observers to an American-led naval exercise in the Gulf, according to U.S. officials and Kuwaiti analysts.

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