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President Bush and the Continuation of the Lies

Posted by alanmirs on February 16, 2007

Posting Date:   February 15, 2007

President Bush and the Continuation of the Lies

This week, President Bush accused Iran of supplying insurgents in Iraq with the weapons that are being used to kill American soldiers

In making the accusation, Bush knows the American people well and recognizes that the American public will focus on the accusation of "killing American soldiers" rather than on the facts of the accusation
The date "3-2006" bothers me and it should bother you. The date represents March 2006. But the Muslims do not use the Gregorian Calendar. They don’t date things based on the same Western Calendar that we in the West use.

The year 2006, according to Muslim sources I checked with, would actually be the Islamic Year 1384-1385, because the Iranians begin their year in what is the Western month of March




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