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Personal accounts of the war of 1967

Posted by alanmirs on June 6, 2007

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Personal accounts of the war of 1967
Readers of the BBC website share their memories of the Arab Israeli war

I remember it being quite a hot summer. I was 28 years old and alone with my four children in Quneitra, as my husband was quite close to the front. He was a member of the military police.

During the build-up, the media was very one-sided and patriotic. It was all about defeating Israel and gaining a victory for the Arab street, something that was very much needed.

You must understand, at the time Damascus was inundated with Palestinian refugees; their suffering was very evident and there was an animosity towards Israel that permeated through society; it still does.

There were a lot of rumours and the only way to determine how close the Israeli army actually was, was by word of mouth.

I was anxious and felt quite isolated; I could see my neighbours slowly closing up and leaving for Damascus.

My husband finally called me and told me to do the same, which I did. He followed about a week later.

I remember people thinking that Syria had fallen and soon the Israeli army would enter the gates of Damascus.

The media was very subdued and did not elaborate on our defeat. The nation went from a state of euphoria, to utter despondency.

It was the ultimate anti-climax, and I could see it etched clearly on my husband’s face when he returned. He never spoke much of what he saw, as it would bring tears to his eyes, and he hated me seeing him cry


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