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What to read on Iraq

Posted by alanmirs on July 15, 2007

Peterson calls Spider’s Web: Bush, Saddam, Thatcher and the Decade of Deceit (Faber & Faber, 1993) by Alan Friedman "the most detailed account of how senior US officials – former Defense chief Donald Rumsfeld among them – helped clandestinely arm and support Saddam Hussein in his fight against the revolutionary Islamic regime of Ayatollah Khomeini in the 1980s."
‘Spider’s Web’ is ‘a powerful reminder of how policies shift again and again in the Middle East.’ (Scott Peterson)

Journalists An­­drew and Patrick Cockburn offer "an invaluable understanding of Saddam Hussein’s regime in the 1990s" in Out of the Ashes: The Resurrection of Saddam Hussein (HarperCollins, 1999), says Peterson. The book explains "how the aftermath of the first Gulf War from 1991 – with its sanctions, weapon inspections, and political brinkmanship – set the stage for the eventual US invasion of 2003. Full of on-the-ground reporting and detail, it is the best on this period."




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