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Afghan business thrives on Iran’s border

Posted by alanmirs on August 10, 2007

Afghan business thrives on Iran’s border

Herat’s business success has become a model of what Afghanistan can become

By Mark Sappenfield | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

from the August 10, 2007 edition

Hajji Zekrullah Ahmadyar’s mineral-water factory is part of the city’s success.
Mark Sappenfield – staff
Where once spices and camels found passage through this parched desert outpost, now cars and televisions from the Middle East are taxed in its customs houses, generating the wealth for what one expert calls the Dubai of Afghanistan 
"This is the culture of the people of Herat, and this is the positive influence of Iran," says Mohammed Rafiq Shahir, president of the Council of Professionals, a group of analysts and businesspeople here
In contrast with Pakistani border areas, which have been overrun by the Taliban, Herat – just 75 miles from the Iranian border – has flourished with the help of Iran, one of the Karzai government’s strongest supporters. In Herat, for example, Iran has linked the city to the Iranian power grid and built a highway to the border

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