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US says Iran-IAEA nuclear agreement ‘encouraging’ but ‘not sufficient’

Posted by alanmirs on August 22, 2007

US says Iran-IAEA nuclear agreement ‘encouraging’ but ‘not sufficient’ 
08.22.07, 2:22 AM ET

WASHINGTON Thomson Financial – The White House judged ‘encouraging’ but ‘not sufficient’ an agreement yesterday by Iran and the United Nations atomic authority on a timetable for Tehran to answer concerns about its nuclear program.

‘This is a potentially encouraging development,’ a White House official said of Iran’s deal with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

‘But this alone is not sufficient and does not fulfill Iran’s obligations to comply fully with (UN Security Council) resolutions and suspend enrichment and reprocessing activities.’

‘Therefore, we will continue to pursue a third resolution,’ working with the key group of five other countries that are pressing Iran to give up the sensitive work, the official said.

The United States and other countries fear Iran is enriching uranium in order to build a nuclear arsenal. Iran insists its nuclear activities are aimed at producing power for civilian use.

The IAEA has been conducting an investigation into the Iranian nuclear program for more than four years, but is still unable to make any firm conclusion over its nature.




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