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Bush has an increasingly tenuous hold on the real world

Posted by alanmirs on September 5, 2007

Bush has an increasingly tenuous hold on the real world
One explanation for President Bush’s rant against Iran last week, following his extraordinary speech comparing Iraq with Vietnam the week before, is that the pressure is finally getting to him. Presidential history, from Woodrow Wilson to Ronald Reagan by way of FDR, is replete with presidents who on grounds of failing powers shouldn’t really have been allowed to go on. Besieged by events, cast down by the opinion polls, isolated by the loss of his closest advisers, it would not be surprising if this particular president was now losing it
Which leaves Britain stuck right in the middle, twisting and turning much as the Democrats in Washington are. London wants out of Iraq but doesn’t want responsibility for the carnage that might ensue. Worse, as they read Bush’s latest outpourings, is the knowledge that this is a president who is becoming more divorced from reality and more confrontational with each week 

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