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Our Most Important Mission: Prevent War with Iran

Posted by alanmirs on October 5, 2007

Our Most Important Mission: Prevent War with Iran

By Scott Ritter, Truthdig. Posted October 5, 2007.

If you think the Iraq war is a disaster, just wait until we start bombing Iran. The countdown to another war is both real and terrifying and it won’t be stopped so long as Iraq is in the spotlight

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From speculation to speculation, the case against the Quds Force by the Bush administration continues to lack anything in the way of substance. And yet the mythological Daqduq has become a launching platform for even graver speculation, fed by the media themselves, that the highest levels of leadership in Iran were aware of the activities of Daqduq and the Quds Force, and are thus somehow complicit in the violence. Not one shred of evidence was produced to sustain such serious accusations, and yet national media outlets such as The New York Times and The Washington Post both ran stories repeating these accusations



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