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Iran fights US for equal nuclear rights

Posted by alanmirs on April 8, 2008

Iran fights US for equal nuclear rights
Iran refuses to back off from producing enriched uranium, and the US seems hell bent on proving that Iran is launching a nuclear strike. Whatever be the result, the onus is on Tehran to cooperate with IAEA and avoid confrontation with the US

One Response to “Iran fights US for equal nuclear rights”

  1. alanmirs said

    Nations voluntarily joined the Persian Empire for prospects of internal growth, stabilities and external defense
    Other empires as Roman or British obtained by military force and intimidation to rob the wealth of other nations
    Persians many centauries ago helped to build the Suez Canal
    Canals dug by Necho, Darius 1 and Ptolemy

    Today the adversaries who have proven through out their short histories that they have no value for human lives and genetic disease of genocide and occupation by force is their intend use corrupt natives and rule through their greed and rob their wealth
    If Persians helped to build the Sues Canal what right has America and or Israel has to question the passage of Persian ships through their own territory?

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