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Are Cheney’s Iran Dreams Shattered?

Posted by alanmirs on July 14, 2008

Are Cheney’s Iran Dreams Shattered?

It’s been on the minds of antiwar activists and war critics since 2003. And little wonder. If you don’t remember the pre-invasion of Iraq neocon quip, "Everyone wants to go to Baghdad. Real men want to go to Tehran…" — then take notice. Even before American troops entered Iraq, knocking off Iran was already "Regime Change: The Sequel." It was always on the Bush agenda and, for a faction of the administration led by Vice President Cheney, it evidently still is.

Add to that a series of provocative statements by President Bush, the Vice President, and other top U.S. officials and former officials. Take Cheney’s daughter Elizabeth, who recently sent this verbal message to the Iranians: "[D]espite what you may be hearing from Congress, despite what you may be hearing from others in the administration who might be saying force isn’t on the table… we’re serious." Asked about an Israeli strike on Iran, she said: "I certainly don’t think that we should do anything but support them." Similarly, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton suggested that the Bush administration might launch an Iranian air assault in its last, post-election weeks in office.


Stir in a string of new military bases the U.S. has been building within miles of the Iranian border, the repeated crescendos of U.S. military charges about Iranian-supplied weapons killing American soldiers in Iraq, and the revelation by Seymour Hersh, our premier investigative reporter, that, late last year, the Bush administration launched — with the support of the Democratic leadership in Congress — a $400 million covert program "designed to destabilize [Iran’s] religious leadership," including cross-border activities by U.S. Special Operations Forces and a low-level war of terror through surrogates in regions where Baluchi and Ahwazi Arab minorities are strongest. (Precedents for this terror campaign include previous CIA-run campaigns in Afghanistan in the 1980s, using car bombs and even camel bombs against the Russians, and in Iraq in the 1990s, using car bombs and other explosives in an attempt to destabilize Saddam Hussein’s regime.)



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Britain must act to prevent an attack on Iran

Posted by alanmirs on July 8, 2008

Britain must act to prevent an attack on Iran

By Anatol Lieven

Published: July 7 2008 03:00 | Last updated: July 7 2008 03:00

All the evidence suggests that an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear sites would be a dis- aster for the greater Middle East, for the world economy and for western security. It would not even benefit Israel, which is adequately protected by its own nuclear deterrent. On the contrary, by creating new links between Sunni and Shia extremism, it would worsen Israel’s long-term chances of survival. Finally, as last week’s remarks by Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff, indicated, an attack is strongly opposed by the US military. They would bear the first brunt of Iranian reprisals, since the US would rightly be held jointly responsible by Iran, and US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are far more open to Iranian-sponsored attack than is Israel itse

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Admiral Mike Mullen’s warns the West over military strike against Iran

Posted by alanmirs on July 4, 2008

There are two ways of interpreting this week’s warning by America’s top military officer, Admiral Mike Mullen, that opening a new front in the Middle East by launching air strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities would be "extremely stressful"

Senior military officers, whether in Britain or America, specialise in the art of understatement, and what Mr Mullen means by "extremely stressful" is what most laymen would take to be "catastrophic".


Iran is a signatory of the NPT; Israel is not.

Iran has allowed IAEA inspections whereas Israel steadfastly refuses inspections of its arsenal.

Iran has not started a war with its neighbours for over a century; Israel has attacked – often `pre-emptively’ – its neighbours numerous times in its short sixty-year statehood


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