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Britain must act to prevent an attack on Iran

Posted by alanmirs on July 8, 2008

Britain must act to prevent an attack on Iran

By Anatol Lieven

Published: July 7 2008 03:00 | Last updated: July 7 2008 03:00

All the evidence suggests that an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear sites would be a dis- aster for the greater Middle East, for the world economy and for western security. It would not even benefit Israel, which is adequately protected by its own nuclear deterrent. On the contrary, by creating new links between Sunni and Shia extremism, it would worsen Israel’s long-term chances of survival. Finally, as last week’s remarks by Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff, indicated, an attack is strongly opposed by the US military. They would bear the first brunt of Iranian reprisals, since the US would rightly be held jointly responsible by Iran, and US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are far more open to Iranian-sponsored attack than is Israel itse


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