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Democracy As Usual in Iran

Posted by alanmirs on June 24, 2009

Democracy As Usual in Iran
This observer in Tehran can inform you that the (English-language)
media frenzy and its sensationalism has breached the

 limits of reality
and has hijacked the essence of debate in Iran. It is used as a
diversion to eclipse a rejuvenation of a democratic process. The hyped
protests, all within a square mile in west of Tehran, are simply a
storm in a teacup and all of it must be framed in perspective. A civil
war, a revolution or regime change, it is not.

Let us first remember that Iran is a country of about 72 million
people, a third of whom are under 25 years old. A turnout of some
50,000 angry mobs (or even one million people, something that has not
happened) is not exemplary of the rest. The other 71+ million people
also have rights, lives and a desire for quiet pursuit of happiness and
peace. Isn’t democracy about the will and rule of the majority, as well
as the rule of law and civil order? Or should it be narrowly
interpreted (by foreign media) as the right of a select tech-savvy few
with computers, email and foreign language skills to project a
distorted scuffle and civil disorder? Are elections not about
discipline and order, after all? Or should the rules be overturned at
random by crying foul and burning down banks and shops, simply because
losers dislike the results of the very same system in which they signed
up and ran campaigns?


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