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U.S. shouldn’t meddle in Iran’s affairs after past mistakes

Posted by alanmirs on July 20, 2009

U.S. shouldn’t meddle in Iran’s affairs after past mistakes

The people in Iran are kinda angry at the U.S. … back in the 1950s
they had democracy, but the elected leader was going to sell the oil to
British/U.S. companies, and "gasp" split the money 50/50. So Kermit
(Roosevelt, not the Frog) helped out the Shah, and the elected leaders
were killed/exiled, and replaced with the Shah’s reign, the SAVAK
secret police, torture, etc. Some Iranians became angry at this. I
know, that conservative senator recently said he’d guessed that the
Iranians "forgot" about the coup, it’s been a long time

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“Green revolution” fizzles out in Iran

Posted by alanmirs on July 14, 2009

"Green revolution" fizzles out in Iran

by Yusuf Abdullah

(Friday, July 10, 2009)

"While there is ample evidence of US attempts to destabilize Iran
through a campaign of sabotage despite a written agreement signed in
Algiers in January 1981 not to do so, there is even more specific
evidence dating back to May 2007."
Despite US President Barack Obama’s claims of non-involvement in Iran’s
affairs, few people believe that the US was an innocent bystander in
the recent riots in Tehran. The US not only has a long history of
interfering in Iran’s internal affairs, these intensified during former
President George Bush’s era. The one-week riots following the June 12
presidential elections were neither spontaneous, nor without outside
instigation whether all the participants were aware of this fact or
not. One of Obama’s staffers at the White House intervened with Twitter to keep the service functioning when it is daytime in Tehran so that people there could send messages to organize rallies

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Iran’s Revolutionary Guard takes command

Posted by alanmirs on July 6, 2009

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard takes command

Calling the move "a new phase of the revolution," leaders insist there is no room for compromise on Ahmadinejad’s reelection.

By Borzou Daragahi, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

5:30 AM PDT, July 6, 2009
Reporting from Beirut — The top leaders of Iran’s elite Revolutionary
Guard publicly acknowledged they had taken over the nation’s security
and warned late Sunday that there was no middle ground in the ongoing
dispute over the reelection of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a
threat against a reformist wave led by Mir-Hossein Mousavi.

Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander of the elite military branch,
said the Guard’s takeover of the country had led to "a revival of the
revolution and clarification of the value positions of the
establishment at home and abroad.",0,5039533.story

The knowledge I acquired for past ten years from
touring Iran and surrounding countries, communicating with locals, as well as
living in the west for 35 years, created an opposite perspective, to Iranians I
once was, proceeding to the search.

  All independent
poles indicates Ahmadinejad is the election winner, “Terror Free Tomorrow, The
center of public opinion New America foundation” is one of many, and my personal
contact with people in provinces out side Tehran, mark the same result.

 The people in Iran are not
blind, they see minorities abusing power, and for financial gains breaking laws,
using the west, and or vice versa to gain their aspirations.

There are many ridiculously interpreted laws assist
the turmoil, putting the name and face in the media, more effective than relate
it to the human dignity, having people lashed in close doors, the table gets
lashed, the villain groans, and the lasher gets reach.

Questioning the effect of holocaust, falsely
publicized as questioning the event, propaganda for asking democratic
referendum, is attacking Israel,
are few example of affairs.

Ahmadinejad stance against injustice, powerful and
rich enemies in the world and in Iran has been formed.





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Foreign Office travel advice website is “proof” of anti-Iranian plot

Posted by alanmirs on July 5, 2009

Foreign Office travel advice website is "proof" of anti-Iranian plot

By Colin Freeman, Chief Foreign Correspondent

Published: 6:08PM BST 04 Jul 2009

Hossein Rassam, 44, who is the embassy’s chief political analyst, was named on
Saturday as the man accused of being a British agent provocateur

behind last month’s post-election street protests

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Miliband seeks talks with Iran over ‘show trial’

Posted by alanmirs on July 5, 2009

Miliband seeks talks with Iran over ‘show trial’

Times Online

July 4, 2009

David Miliband

Robin Henry

Foreign Secretary David Miliband is seeking urgent talks with Iran over a
possible ‘show trial’ of British embassy employees

Times Online:


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Saddam Hussein Talks to the FBI

Posted by alanmirs on July 4, 2009

Saddam Hussein Talks to the FBI:
Twenty Interviews and Five Conversations with "High Value Detainee # 1" in 2004

Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 279

Edited by Joyce Battle
Assisted by Brendan McQuade

– July 1, 2009

more information contact:
Joyce Battle – 202/994-7145
This series of interviews also does not address chemical warfare in
Kurdish areas of Iraq in 1987-1988, although an FBI progress report
says Saddam was questioned on the topic.  One interview, #20, is
redacted in its entirety on national security grounds, although it is
not clear what issues agents could have discussed with Saddam that
cannot now be disclosed to the public

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Neda, Obama and the Power of Pictures

Posted by alanmirs on July 1, 2009

Neda, Obama and the Power of Pictures

By Randy Cohen

At a White House press conference
last week, a reporter asked President Obama about Iran and whether he
had watched the video of Neda Agha-Soltan being shot in the chest and
bleeding to death on a Tehran street. Obama said he had, and added:
“It’s heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking.” He went on to condemn Iran’s
suppression of demonstrators, saying, “There are certain international
norms of freedom of speech, freedom of expression.” That’s when the
reporter Helen Thomas started to say, “Then why won’t you allow the
photos…” referring, Obama understood, to photos of the abuse of
detainees held abroad by the United States, photos whose release he has
blocked. “Hold on a second, Helen,” he said. “That’s a different
question.” But is it, really? If vivid images help us understand
events, shouldn’t they be disseminated and seen?
Transparency is an essential condition of democracy: citizens cannot
make the informed decisions self-rule requires if they are denied
knowledge of the actions of their government. Government cannot be
accountable if its actions are veiled. But more than this, transparency
is an ethical ideal, the political expression of a commitment to
honesty. It is disheartening to see it resisted by someone who has
spoken so ardently in its defense

If one is not
disturb to see the video of Neda bleeding to death, one should be a terrorist,
and that is the question, did in fact A terror group carried out the act?
According to the New York Times,
It was hot in the car, so the young woman and her singing
instructor got out for a breath of fresh air on a quiet side street not far
from the anti-government protests they had ventured out to attend. A gunshot
rang out, and the woman, Neda Agha-Soltan, fell to the ground. “It burnt me,”
she said before she died.
It looks odd, she was away from the crowd and yet was hit
with a bullet and there was a camera to shot the event!
remember the LA riot covering live that a driver was pulled out of his truck
and hit with brick on his head, I feel the media play a essential role in such


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