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U.S. shouldn’t meddle in Iran’s affairs after past mistakes

Posted by alanmirs on July 20, 2009

U.S. shouldn’t meddle in Iran’s affairs after past mistakes

The people in Iran are kinda angry at the U.S. … back in the 1950s
they had democracy, but the elected leader was going to sell the oil to
British/U.S. companies, and "gasp" split the money 50/50. So Kermit
(Roosevelt, not the Frog) helped out the Shah, and the elected leaders
were killed/exiled, and replaced with the Shah’s reign, the SAVAK
secret police, torture, etc. Some Iranians became angry at this. I
know, that conservative senator recently said he’d guessed that the
Iranians "forgot" about the coup, it’s been a long time


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