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Waging War Upon Ourselves

Posted by alanmirs on November 3, 2009

Waging War Upon Ourselves

By Peter Chamberlin

31 October, 2009

It is easy to see why Pakistan has been chosen as the battleground of the century, but it is a real shame to us all that we have allowed our governments so much unsupervised freedom of action that they could get away with the things you are about to read about in the following article.  It is a difficult story to tell, since an accurate narrative requires the merging of multiple streams of information into one.  The story of the war in Wana is a tale of strange religions, secret alliances and governments that wage war upon themselves

The Associated Press

Iran’s Sunni militants carve secretive path

By KATHY GANNON (AP) – 3 days ago

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Seven years ago, a little-known group called Jundallah emerged in Iran with claims to fight for the rights of minority Sunnis in the unruly tribal areas near the border with Pakistan

The rumblings — never clearly confirmed or debunked — span from covert U.S. aid, to indoctrination by Islamic radicals to links to smuggling networks. Reports by regional experts and interviews with security officials, including a former military chief in Pakistan, suggest Jundallah has benefited from U.S. and Pakistani help and, more recently, may have drifted closer to anti-Shiite militants with links to Saudi Arabia





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