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Iran, the NPT and American hegemony

Posted by alanmirs on March 26, 2010


Iran, the NPT and American hegemony

What’s really behind Iran’s nuclear ambitions

Ian Hunter | Mar 24
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In light of the abundant accusations from Western nations of Iran’s ambitions to build nuclear weapons, a closer analysis of this mounting conflict is necessary. With vast advancements in weapons technology, nuclear weapons now pose the single greatest threat to human existence ever recorded on Earth

Soon after, the IAEA passed a resolution calling on Israel to join the
NPT and to open its facilities to inspection — again, something Iran did
long ago.
The U.S. and several European countries tried blocking the resolution,
but it passed anyway, without any notice from Western media.
Instead, the media chose to write about the nuclear “threat”
of Iran, a country that seems to be following the rules for nuclear
energy more than most countries and whose right to develop nuclear
energy peacefully is enshrined in international law






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