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How radical Islam might defeat the West: A reprise

Posted by alanmirs on April 19, 2010

How radical Islam might defeat the West: A reprise
By Spengler
Iran’s Kayhan press service warned last week, "If the US strikes Iran with nuclear weapons, there are elements which will respond with nuclear blasts in the centers of America’s main cities." Meanwhile, Behzad Soltani, the number two man at Iran’s Atomic Commission, proclaimed last week, "Iran will join the world nuclear club within a month in a bid to deter possible attacks on the country," adding, "No country would even think about attacking Iran once it is in the club." 
In effect, Iran has succeeded in horrifying the West into submission to its nuclear ambitions as well as its bid for regional hegemony. An attack on Iran’s nuclear capabilities, Tehran has persuaded the West, would throw Central Asia into chaos. Pro-Iranian elements would precipitate a civil war in Iraq; Hezbollah in Lebanon would initiate a war on Israel’s northern border; the Shi’ite fifth of Pakistan would make the second-largest Muslim state ungovernable; American’s 200,000 soldiers in adjacent countries would suffer suicide attacks; and the hydra heads of Iranian-sponsored terrorists would strike at civilian targets through the West.


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