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Why Iran won’t attack Israel

Posted by alanmirs on April 22, 2010

Why Iran won’t attack Israel

Yousef Munayyer

21, 2010
| 9:24 a.m

The Jewish state’s substantial Palestinian population — which Israel
once sought to expel — serves as a deterrent

Palestinians are in Israel today because they managed to survive the
depopulation of 1948, the year the Jewish state was founded (Arabs
constitute about 20% of Israel’s population). Ironically, while Benny
Morris’ scholarship suggests that the mere existence of these
Palestinians in Israel — and millions more in the occupied territories
— irks him, Israel’s substantial Arab population also blows a hole in his argument about the need to deal
with the supposed Iranian nuclear threat

Morris’ role in our understanding of the region’s history is
confounding. Arguably, no one played a more central role in exposing
Israel’s role in the depopulation of Palestinians from their homeland
than Morris. In his seminal work, "The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee
Problem," Morris, using declassified military documents, exposes the
calculated effort by early Israeli leaders to impose a Jewish majority
through ethnic cleansing
The fact that Benjamin Netanyahu, the pro-colonization Israeli prime
minister, has made every effort to connect the idea of a nuclear Iran to
the Holocaust is evidence of this scare-mongering. Iran, like Iraq in
2003, is an inflated but necessary fear for Israel. No credible analysis
of the situation envisions a scenario in which Iran would use nuclear
weapons against the Jewish state. But proponents of Israel’s colonial
enterprise, who support maintaining a Jewish majority by the force of
walls and soldiers in occupied territory, want everyone to believe that
the focus should be on Iran, not on the occupation, and that Israel’s
security policies are justifiable against "existential threats.",0,7413579.story


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