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U.S. Media Censors U.S. Support of Iran Fuel Swap

Posted by alanmirs on May 25, 2010

Robert Naiman

Policy Director of Just Foreign Policy

Posted: May 25, 2010 09:18 AM

Media Censors U.S. Support of Iran Fuel Swap

But if you get your information from major U.S. media, here’s something that you
almost certainly don’t know: Brazil and Turkey say that before they reached the
deal, they understood that they had the backing of the Obama Administration for
their efforts. The available evidence suggests that Brazil and Turkey had good
reason to believe that they had U.S. support, and that the Obama Administration
has taken a 180 degree turn in its position in the last few weeks, and is now
trying to cover its tracks, with the active collaboration of major U.S. media



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