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Obviously, Iran Would Retaliate Against U.S. Attacks

Posted by alanmirs on June 15, 2010

Obviously, Iran Would Retaliate Against U.S. Attacks
If most Iranians support the nuclear program, and all Iranians oppose foreign
military attacks on their country, what makes Fly and Kristol think that the
government will have any choice except to retaliate to satisfy popular anger and
demands for retribution?
The hard-liners and hawks within Iran’s government
would be greatly aided by any foreign attack, and they would exploit the
opportunity to increase their hold on power and to quash any political
opposition by portraying dissent as subversive. American hawks should be
familiar with how this works, since they have practiced doing these very things
against their domestic opponents

In disguise of democracy

This article clearly demonstrate
the American ruler’s ego using all illegal, immoral, unethical thinking and
actions to dominate other nations


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