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Reckless hikers

Posted by alanmirs on September 18, 2010

Reckless hikers 

I’ve been following the news reports about the three American detainees in Iran, now down to two because of the release of Sarah Shourd ("Iran releases American hiker," news story, Sept. 15). It’s good news for Shourd and her family, and I hope her traveling companions will also be released. Their families refer to them as "innocent hikers" who were exploring a scenic mountain area when they were arrested by Iranian authorities and charged with spying. But the three young adults used very poor judgment by traveling to an unstable part of the world and hiking in close proximity to a nation hostile to the United States.

I suspect that they were trying to observe and learn firsthand about the conditions and people in that part of the world, perhaps in the hope of writing a documentary about their journey for both edification and profit. If not, why would anyone engage in such reckless behavior that has created an international incident, requiring much time and expense to secure their releases?

Cheryl Mensch, Southern Pines

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