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Posted by alanmirs on October 25, 2010

All I wrote was:

“I feel the media play an essential role in such events, far from having people lashed in closed doors when the table get lashed, the villain groan, and the lasher gets reach, and all in the name of human dignity, putting the name and face in the media, more effective”

A man who has written the Quran 1400 years ago, whom many cultures have sprung from it, and more than a third of the world population today believes in his preaching was not ordinary illogical man

His words believe to be from the Supreme Being

Chop hands, lash people, and throw stones to one’s creation are not logical

Creator would not wants to defect one’s creation

In last centuries news could not travel fast brutal punishments were adopted for fast publicity

Today the technology does that and no need for barbaric trial

Such values also creates arrangements and escalates corruptions in which my wife and I have been subject to and experienced many others who have suffered and are suffering and are not as lucky as we have been

At the beginning unaware of influential force behind the case departments and or department’s heads by reviewing the documents would issue demand and back up from it the next time I approach them

But I had a sound document

If entity writes to another government unit asking them to attend and reply means there are documents reviewed and important enough to be submitted to the head chief of police in Iran which in turn he passed on to the chief of police of Tehran! The original letter was emailed to me from the president’s office

I was even told they would have fatal accident faked on the roads for us

I was almost put in to loony bin if the taxi driver didn’t nudge which helped us to flee and then we acquired documents from two universities in Turkey and Iran to avoid their exertion

Attempt on our lives was thwart by publicize conception



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