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Jousting with Iran

Posted by alanmirs on November 7, 2010  > Print Edition  > Editorial Pages

Jousting with Iran



Sunday, November 7, 2010  

While American eyes were focused on the midterm elections, a bitter conflict has continued between the United States and Iran for influence in the Middle East.

The Obama administration hopes that an isolated Iran will eventually seek a compromise on the nuclear issue. But as Karim Sadjadpour argues in Foreign Policy , this regime with a “victimization complex” needs America as an enemy, perhaps more than ever. It makes sense for the United States to explore every reasonable area of compromise, but the proxy wars in Iraq and Lebanon show that Iran wants to bargain from strength, too.

After the election furor, President Obama must turn to this test – and discover whether Iran wants negotiations to reach a deal, or to kill time.


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