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Washington urged to engage Iran

Posted by alanmirs on November 20, 2010

Washington urged to engage Iran
By Jim Lobe

WASHINGTON – The administration of United States President Barack Obama should pursue a policy of “strategic engagement” with Iran that would offer Tehran more attractive incentives to curb its nuclear program, according to a study group convened by two centrist Washington think-tanks.An Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities would prove as harmful to US interests as an attack undertaken by Washington, according to the report, which called for increased consultations with the Jewish state to enlist its support for “strategic engagement”.

“In the context of this dialogue, the US should emphasize that Washington would neither countenance nor support an Israeli pre-emptive strike on Iran,” it said

Gatekeepers close door to Iran diplomacy
By Kaveh L Afrasiabi

Throwing cold water on the furnace of the military option on Iran, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates this week stated that there is basically no military solution to the nuclear standoff with Iran, and that a military strike would perhaps make Iran “more determined” to pursue its nuclear program clandestinely. Irrespective of such red flags in Washington, Israel continues to push for the military option, its editorials already branding the coming nuclear talks between Iran and the “Iran Six” or “P5+1” – comprising the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany – as doomed to failure.

In turn, this raises the question of whether or not the Obama administration is capable of withstanding the onslaught of the next wave of anti-Iran diplomacy orchestrated from within the US Congress, scene to stronger pro-Israel sentiments in the aftermath of the recent mid-term elections . In other words, what about the other gatekeepers in congress, who have never been in sync with Obama on his “Iran engage” policy?


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