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Mullen: Iran diplomacy must be ‘realistic’ about country’s intentions

Posted by alanmirs on November 28, 2010

Mullen: Iran diplomacy must be ‘realistic’ about country’s intentions

By Bridget Johnson – 11/27/10 03:02 PM ET

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Admiral Mullin is getting to be senile. It is time for him to retire. His statement,”Iran is clearly on a path to building nuclear weapons,” shows clearly that he is from the George Bush school of random hallucinations. Well, why doesn’t he enlighten us with the evidence that Iran is building nuclear weapons. In the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), 17 US intelligence unanimously said that Iran is not building nuclear weapons, yet President Bush said that he does not “believe” it. I suppose the same little bird that told George Bush not to believe facts is the one that is talking to Admiral Mullin.

When will Admiral Mullin understand that his empty talk and mindless speculations are creating a lot of diplomatic problems. The obvious fact is that there is ZERO evidence that Iran is building nuclear weapons. Even Obama and Gates have admitted it. So, why is Admiral Mullin shooting his mouth off so much with empty accusations?


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