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Unrest Benefits Iran Most With Our Unwitting Help

Posted by alanmirs on March 29, 2011

The Middle East has entered a prolonged period of chaos. America’s strategic position has taken a big hit, and the nation that stands to gain the most is Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran was on the ropes in 2009. The price of oil had collapsed from its 2008 highs,…

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The Middle East Crisis Has Just Begun

Posted by alanmirs on March 27, 2011


Life & Culture

The Middle East Crisis Has Just Begun

For the U.S., democracy’s fate in the region matters much less than the struggle between the Saudis and Iran


[IRAN] European Pressphoto AgencyIranians attend a Friday prayer service in February. If Iran’s theocracy prevails, it will signal a fundamental eclipse of American influence in the Middle East.

Despite the military drama unfolding in Libya, the Middle East is only beginning to unravel. American policy-makers have been spoiled by events in Tunisia and Egypt, both of which boast relatively sturdy institutions, civil society associations and middle classes, as well as being age-old clusters of civilization where states of one form or another have existed since antiquity. Darker terrain awaits us elsewhere in the region, where states will substantially weaken once the carapace of tyranny crumbles. The crucial tests lie ahead, beyond the distraction of Libya.

The United States may be a democracy, but it is also a status quo power, whose position in the world depends on the world staying as it is. In the Middle East, the status quo is unsustainable because populations are no longer afraid of their rulers. Every country is now in play. Even in Syria, with its grisly security services, widespread demonstrations have been reported and protesters killed. There will be no way to appease the region’s rival sects, ethnicities and other interest groups except through some form of democratic representation, but anarchic quasi-democracy will satisfy no one. Other groups will emerge, and they may be distinctly illiberal.

Whatever happens in Libya, it is not necessarily a bellwether for the Middle East. The Iranian green movement knows that Western air forces and navies are not about to bomb Iran in the event of a popular uprising, so it is unclear what lesson we are providing to the region. Because outside of Iran, and with the arguable exceptions of Syria and Libya itself, there is no short-term benefit for the U.S. in democratic revolts in the region. In fact, they could be quite destructive to our interests, even as they prove to be unstoppable.

The Middle East Crisis Has Just Begun


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ِdo you see the light?

Posted by alanmirs on March 21, 2011

Clearly in this tale there are two gropes to blame, Israel government and students in Hamadan Iran  

The Israel government for their attack to Islam’s heritage, culture, history, and territory which are joint tenant, with Jews, Moslems, Christians, all alike

 And the other, young students, inexperience, and bias 

For centauries through out the history the natives lived together dominated by majority rule in harmony, and they respected each others heritage, related to one another through intercourse, association,  socializing and being part of it, as one family

Israel is not a Jewish state, and not because they are or not Jews but because they don’t belong to the environment and since the circumstances is not like the new world, they don’t understand the heritage, culture, and the history of the land  

They formulate wrong decisions and make problems for other governments and nations

Local governments as Iranians list the heritage to guard it but when troubled, announce it to be a holy Moslem Shrine to protect it

Israel governments and student in Hamadan Iran      


 پرفسور Professor Harold Gellis هارلد گلیس در مجله کامیونیتی مینویسد ساختمان آجری ماسه ای رنگ متروکه با گنبد سبز در همدان مقبره استر و مردخای امروز در خطر است و ادامه میدهد که معجزات آنرا از بلیات دو و نیم هزار سال گذشته  حفظ کرده لیکن اکنون دانشجویان همدانی در رابطه با مسجد الاقصا قصد تخریب آنرا داشته اند و مسئولین که آنرا در یونسکو نیز به ثبت رسانیده اند در محل آنرا  زیارتگاه معرفی نموده و  مکان متبرکه است

بطور وضوح در این داستان دو گروه خاطی میباشند  

اسرائیل در تعدی به فرهنگ و تاریخ مسلمانان  همسان با تاریخ و فرهنگ و ماترک و خطه مردم منطقه چون مسلمان و یهودی و مسیحی

گروه دوم دانشجویان همدانی جوان و متعصب و خام

قرنها است و در سراسر تاریخ بومیان زندگی مشترک داشته و حکومت اکثریت در تطبیق و توازن و هم آهنگی  سرنوشت ساز، و آمیزش  و معاشرت پیوستگی اجتماعی و احترام متقابل به اعتقادات مشی و راهبرد شان بوده است

اسرائیل یک مملکت یهود نیست نه اینکه چون آنها یهودی هستند و یا نیستند بلکه چون آنها متعلق به محیط نیستند و این سرزمین کهن دنیای جدید نیست که بتواند غریب و نا آگاه از فرهنگ و تاریخ منطقه را تحمل , ودر خود حل کند کند

آنها با توهین به یک مرکز تاریخی و فرهنگی منطقه ایجاد نفاق کرده و مشکل ساز میشوند لیکن بومیان پس از دو هزار و پانصد سال حفاظت و ثبت آثار فرهنگی جهت بقا با تدبیر، تزویر و عدم آشنائی آنها را به محیط خنثی میکنند


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Ellis Is. honcho in Iran $candal

Posted by alanmirs on March 21, 2011

Ellis Is. honcho in Iran $candal


Last Updated: 7:45 AM, March 20, 2011

Posted: 1:35 AM, March 20, 2011

His firm ordered $20,000 be sent to the California-based Maziar Foundation — which sends funds to the student movement in Iran — through NECO in 2006, according to an e-mail obtained by The Post.

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What does The Israel-Backed UAE Say?

Posted by alanmirs on March 19, 2011

What does The Israel-Backed UAE Say?

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama pose for a photo during a reception at the Metropolitan Museum in New York with Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson.

Speaking or writing as an Iranian citizen makes it difficult to weigh in on the latest remarks made by the United Arab Emirates’s Foreign Minister, Abdallah Bin Zayid Al Nahyan, who likened Iran’s legal sovereignty of its Persian Gulf islands to the Zionist regime’s occupation of Syria’s Golan heights. Investigating the whole story from a broad view, some focal points should be considered regarding what the novice FM has grumbled in his latest statements before the Federal Council of Emirates.


In 1888, Sir Henry Drummond Wolff, the British Plenipotentiary Minister to Tehran, presented a War Office map to the Iranian King Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, in which the islands were presented as Iranian territory.

In his 1892 book Persia and the Persian Question, George Nathaniel Curzon, the Viceroy and Governor-General of India recognized the islands as belonging to Iran, but a decade later in 1902 the British occupied the islands as a buffer against the growing Soviet influence in Southern Iran.

Being afraid of the growing Soviet influence in the Southern regions of Iran, the British forces occupied three Iranian islands, named Abu Mousa, Lesser Tunb and Greater Tunb in the year 1902.

Iran and Britain fought over the islands for decades until 1968, when the Britons pulled their troops out from the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf as a reconciliatory stance.

Then, in 1971, as the colonial protectorate of Ras al-Khaimeh and Sharjah, Iran signed an agreement with Sharjah with the arbitration of British government to take responsibility for the islands’ security while recognizing the sovereignty of Bahrain and the UAE.

What does Israel-backed UAE say?

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Nowruz the symbol of peace نوروز نماد صلح

Posted by alanmirs on March 15, 2011

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* Nowruz the Symbol of Peace

Happy Nowruz

The only New Year festival as being the path to harmony and eternity and gets celebrated at the same moment of time all over the world and has no connection to religion, nationality race, gender, or any other factor dividing humans

سال نو مبارک باد

نوروز نماد صلح

عید نوروز تنها جشنی است که در یک زمان در سراسر دنیا بر پا میگردد و با دین، ملیت، جنسیت، و نژاد، و هر چیز دیگری که موجب تفرقه در میان انسانها میشود ارتباط نداشته و توسل به حق و نیایش  را همزمان میسر مینماید

Nowruz (Persian: نوروز, various local pronunciations and spellings) is the traditional Iranian new year holiday celebrated in Iran, Northern Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Albania, Georgia, the countries of Central Asia such as Turkmenistan, Tajikistan!1650

Fale Hafiz

Divan-e Shams

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Iran Basks in Unrest of Arab World

Posted by alanmirs on March 14, 2011

Though three months of Arab revolt against autocratic leaders, it’s become commonplace to say that the only clear strategic winner from the changes so far is Iran, supposedly picking up windfall political fruit as if sitting in an armchair.

New York Times       Iran Basks in Unrest of Arab World


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Posted by alanmirs on March 9, 2011

by Flynt Leverett & Hillary Mann Leverett (source: Race for Iran )
Sunday, February 20, 2011

The truth finally came to light when US vetoed a UN resolution backed by all arab nations as US’s allies to halt israeli settlements in the west bank.

The arabs or all mideast nations finally see the true color of us, unbreakable bond with israel. Us has been b**ls**t with arabs for decades !!!

The arabs called as allies by US are only for against their own muslim people in mideast as US’s allies.


Obama with a muslim father is only a zionist puppet figure, a decoy to deceive the muslim world with his speeches.
ISLAMOPHOBIA IS VERY SEVERE IN US, Muslims sue FBI for alleged First Amendment violation,
Muslim Student files lawsuit over FBI’s GPS tracking

That is why there are protesters across mideast nations, they all don’t want their respective goverments to deal with or to be dependent on zionist us anymore.
They don’t want corrupted dictators supported by zionist US decades long like shah iran and hosni mubarak to oppress their own people. They they demand reforms, change on their own WITHOUT OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE !!!
For instance, Reports say Egypt’s ousted President Hosni Mubarak and his former petroleum minister are being investigated for selling artificially cheap gas to Israel.

Furthermore, Recent Poll: Arab majority believes nuclear Iran helps Mideast.
So, Arab majority doesn’t like to see US rhetoric sanctions against Iran.

The draft said that israel — “the occupying power” — should immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied palestinian land.

The other four council’s veto-wielding members — china, russia, britain and france — and the 10 elected members — brazil, bosnia, colombia, gabon, germany, india, lebanon, nigeria, portugal and south africa — voted in favor of the resolution on friday.

The resolution would have been approved but the single “no” vote by the united states cancelled out the “yes” vote by the other 14 members of the security council.
Iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad says the fact that some countries have a veto at the un security council is an insult to other nations and the world governing system must be reformed as well.
Source: al jazeera

For mideast nations, it doesn’t need a rocket scientist to discern this manipulated b**ls**t !
All mideast nations shall stop dealing with or being dependent on zionist US now, is the right thing to do !!!

OIC slams US veto of UN resolution
20/02/2011 12:19:14 PM GMT


Guide: How Iran is ruled

Posted by alanmirs on March 8, 2011

Click below to find out more about Iran’s complex political system.





Young women campaign for President Ahdmadinejad
Turnout has fallen from 80% in 1997 to 60% in 2005

Of a total population of about 65 million, more than 46 million people – all those over 18 – are eligible to vote. Young people constitute a large part of the electorate with about 50% of voters being under 30.

Voter turnout hit a record high at 80% in the 1997 elections which delivered a landslide victory for reformist President Mohammad Khatami. Women and young people were key to the vote.

But with disillusionment growing, only about 60% of the electorate voted in the final round of the 2005 election which brought hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to power.


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Behind the seen and the rule of law

Posted by alanmirs on March 6, 2011

 Behind the seen and the rule of law

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 To discover what is going on behind the seen one should look at the events and the core Media warns of Iran’s authority raise in the territory and at the same time encourages us to oppose and help us for uprising why?

If Iran is becoming strong with increase of influence in a territory once was the Empire why should we have a revolution?

By using the wealth of one and half billion humans of nations undeserved for a better life? That the Islamic or Christianity or Jewish culture of countries undermined by communist regimes has been dissolved?

Does this make sense?

Dividing us to rule?

Of course we need change and we should stand up for it

But not to change the faith of the people of this territory an impossible task

We have to change the politicians who oppose the rule of law by legal means

The rule of law:

That individuals, persons and government shall submit to, obey and be regulated by law, and not arbitrary action by an individual or a group of individuals.

In the most basic sense, the rule of law is a system that attempts to protect the rights of citizens from arbitrary and abusive use of government power

The rule of law is a legal maxim that states no person is immune to law, and no one can be punished by the government except for a breach of the law

Secretary Clinton:

Thank you, Congressman. And I appreciate your raising the continuing threat we see from Iran. While we are focused on the developments in North Africa and the Middle East, we have to continue to keep focused on Iran. And we certainly are. What we see happening right now – and I can only give you that snapshot, because our assessment now is that the internal discord in Bahrain is a domestic phenomenon that comes from the demands by the 70 percent Shia population for greater political rights, greater economic opportunities, and it requires a domestic solution. So what we’ve been doing is working with Bahrainis to work with themselves to try to come up with a way forward. Now, there is no doubt, as we have publicly and privately expressed, all people, according to our values, have a universal right to express themselves, to associate…assemble freely. And so, we have urged the government of Bahrain to respect those rights. At the same time, we have also credited what the government is trying to do through a national dialogue to come up with some agreed-upon reforms that would be implemented. You know, Bahrain is a friend, they are an ally, we deeply value their long-time association with us. King Hamad has announced that Crown Prince Salman is to lead this national dialogue, and we are encouraged by some of the steps we have seen recently, that this can result in a genuine dialogue.                                            American puppets must stay in power!

منم کورش ….آنگاه که بدون جنگ و پیکار وارد بابل شدم همی مردم گامهای مرا با شادمانی پذیرفتند در بارگاه پادشاهان بابل بر تخت شهریاری نشستم مردوک ( مردوخ خدای بابلیان ) دلهای پاک مردم بابل را متوجه من کرد زیرا من او را ارجمند و گرامی داشتم ارتش بزرگ من به آرامی وارد بابل شد نگذاشتم رنج و آزاری به مردم این شهر و این سرزمین وارد آید آنها را از زیر یوغ اسارت خارج ساختم به بدبختی های آنان پایان بخشیدم من فرمان دادم که هیچکس اهالی شهر را از هستی ساقط نکند

فرمان دادم که تمام مردم در پرستش خدای خود آزاد باشند و کسی آنان را نیازارد خدای بزرگ از کردار من خشنود شد او برکت و مهربانیش را ارزانی داشت ما همگی شادمانه و در صلح و دوستی مقام بلندش را ستودیم من همه شهر هایی را که ویران شده بود از نو ساختم فرمان دادم تمام نیایشگاه هایی را که بسته شده بود بگشایند همه مردمانی را که پراکنده و آواره شده بودند به سر زمین خود برگردانند و خانه های ویران آنها را آباد کردم باشد که دلها شاد گردد و هر روز در پیشگاه خدای بزرگ برایم زندگانی بلند خواستار باشند من برای همه مردم جامعه ای آرام مهیا ساختم و صلح و آرامش را به تمامی مردم اعطا کردم

پشت پرده
برای دسترسی به حقایق پشت پرده میبایست ظاهر برون پرده را نگریست
رسانه ها ضمن تشویق و ترغیب ملت ایران به شورش در درون کشور،به طور علنی قدرت ایران را در منطقه موجب نگرانی غرب میدانند، چرا؟
اگر ایران قدرتمند و با نفوذ در منطقه ای شده که روزی امپراتوری حق و عدالت بوده چرا ملت باید شورش کنند؟
که آیا یک و نیم میلیارد انسان ثروتمند سزاوار داشتن زندگی بهتر را ندارند؟
که آیا فرهنگ اسلامی، مسیحی و یهودی با فشار رژیم کمونیستی نابود شد؟
آیا این معقول است نفاق اندازند و حکومت کنند؟
البته ما محتاج تغییر هستیم و بایستی اقدام و مبارزه کنیم
اما نه برای تغییر اعتقادات مردم منطقه که هدفی نشدنی و غیر منطقی است
ما میبایست سیاستمدار هایی را عوض کنیم که مخالف حکومت قانون هستند آنهم با توسل به قانون
میلیونها دلار صرف اغفال جوانان ما میشود که گروه کوچکی لذت آنرا میبرند

هیچ حکومتی دمکراتیک نیست مگرحکومت قانون  

اتحاد برای به مقام رسانیدن تعداد دیگری از قانون شکنان سود جو و قدرت طلب و قبیله پرست دام دیگری است 

بار ها قول حکومت قانون را افراد و رژیم ها به ملت ایران داده اند و شکسته اند

ما ملت ایران حکومت قانون را طلب میکنیم  
افراد جامعه و دولت باید از قانون اطاعت نموده در مقابل آن تسلیم شوند و اقدام خود سرانه یک فرد و یا یک گروه مردود است
بدین معنی که حاکمیت قانون روندی است جهت تلاش برای حمایت حقوق شهروندان از استفاده خودسرانه و سوء استفاده از قدرت دولت
حاکمیت قانون اصل حقوقی است که بیان میکند هیچ فردی در مقابل قانون مصونیت نداشته و هیچ کس توسط دولت مجازات نمیشود مگر از قانون تخطی نموده باشد

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