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No time for celebrating victory over Iran

Posted by alanmirs on April 4, 2011

By Abolghasem Bayyenat – posted Friday, 21 January 2011

Over the past few days, the dominant mood of Israeli media has been one of euphoria and celebration over the recent announcement by the outgoing Israeli intelligence chief, Meir Dagan, that even under worst-case scenarios Iran will not be able to build nuclear weapons until at least 2015. Referring to the latest revised assessment by Dagan of the chances of nuclear weapon development by Iran and similar adjusted assessments over the past decade, an Israeli intelligence analyst writes, “These adjustments were not the result of mistaken evaluations, but due to the difficulties Iran has encountered in advancing its program, largely because of the Mossad’s efforts”.

Along similar lines, another Israeli self-identified “dove” political analyst expresses his agreement with Dagan’s recent announcement by writing, “although blowing up some Iranian facilities and killing a few Iranian scientists were risky acts of aggression, they were worth it. They contributed to the hobbling of Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, pushed its goal off by at least several years, so these acts of sabotage and assassination were justified.”

These celebratory observations do not only characterise the mood of the Israeli media and Israeli politicians. Many Western media and politicians also feel euphoric at the thought of the Iranian nuclear program being disrupted by covert acts of sabotage. To cite only one example, the Washington Post wrote in a recent editorial reflecting on Dagan’s assessment that, “there appear to be solid reasons to conclude that UN and other Western sanctions and covert operations have hindered the Iranian program” and that “without more advanced centrifuges, Iran would have trouble in any attempt to create a bomb out of the low-enriched uranium it has stockpiled”.

No time for celebrating victory over Iran ON LINE OPINION



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