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Holocaust a grave tragedy

Posted by alanmirs on May 2, 2011

Practice of prejudice, hatred, deception, and invert the truth, has been propaganda apparatus to validate injustice in the region, holocaust a grave tragedy, and no one denies, but the plot to form Zionist regime is the question

For centauries through out the history the natives lived together dominated by majority rule in harmony, and they respected each others heritage, related to one another through intercourse, association, socializing and being part of it, as one family

Israelis not a Jewish state, and not because they are or not Jews but because they don’t belong to the environment and since the circumstances is not like the new world, they don’t understand the heritage, culture, and the history of the land

The Arabs are in Arabian Peninsula, the Arab speaking nations lost their native tongue after they became Muslims, many other Muslim nations kept their native tongue as Persians, Tajik, Turk, Urdu, The natives in Israel are not the settlers; the natives are Jews, Christians, and Muslims, who were Jews or Christians before becoming Muslims this artificial phenomenon has been created to divide and rule



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