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Iran deserves to be part of an Afghanistan solution

Posted by alanmirs on June 17, 2011

Published: June 13

In his June 9 op-ed, “Testing the Afghan exit ramps,” David Ignatius rightly asserted the strategic goal to be a regional framework for a post-America Afghanistan: a joint effort by Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and the United States. But he excluded Iran. This astonishing omission disregards centuries-old historical, cultural and linguistic commonalities, the 582-mile Afghanistan-Iran border, the hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees in Iran and a common dominant language. Afghanistan’s mercurial president, Hamid Karzai, reportedly asserted last month that “Afghanistan places greatest trust in Iran,” and he emphasized the two countries’ “cultural commonalities.” A successful strategy cannot ignore these inescapable realities.


Ed Martin, New York


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