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Encourage Iranians to work for freedom

Posted by alanmirs on August 14, 2011

  The Morning Call

In the past, violence has poisonedIran’s struggle for democracy. In 1965, the MEK was the first group to take up arms against the Shah, who in turn responded with further violence that unleashed a vicious cycle of brutal reprisals. As the Shah’s repression grew increasingly violent, radical voices rose to the forefront of the opposition, and the voices of reason were marginalized. By the time revolution came in 1979, it was violent and undemocratic. One dictator was replaced by another

The MEK is an Islamic radical organization that was formed in the 1960’s as an urban guerilla movement against the shah ofIran. During the 1970’s, the group targeted and successfully killed US military personnel and American civilians based in Iran. It played a major role in the overthrow of the shah in 1979, eventually fell out with the Khomeini regime and fled toIraq. There, they regrouped under the patronage of Hussein, and fought alongside him against Iranians the Iran-Iraq war. As documented by the CIA, the MEK was later used by a beleaguered Hussein to crush the Kurdish rebellion that came immediately after Iraq’s defeat in the Persian Gulf War. Following Hussein’s ouster, the Iraqi government has been working to try to expel the reviled group from Iraq

Over the course of the last two decades, a well-funded MEK has developed a powerful propaganda machine that has sought to depict the group as a formidable military force, as well as the genuine democratic representative of the Iranian people. These claims have been proven to be groundless. The naked reality is that the MEK are neither a force nor a democratic representative of Iranians, but simply a well-funded militaristic cult with shadowy leaders. They are widely despised by Iranians for having betrayed Iran by siding with Hussein. These facts have been extensively documented, as can be seen in a recently released FBI report that presents evidence of ongoing terrorist activities by the MEK

Scientific achievements of a nation has nothing to do with the rulers who could be changed when the rule of law brings democracy to the nation

Women finally achieved to vote and on the same terms as men in 1928 in the United Kingdom

To discover what is going on behind the seen one should look at the events and the core

Media warns ofIran’s authority rise in the territory and at the same time encourages opposing Iranand helping for uprising why

If Iran is becoming strong with increase of influence in a territory once was the Empire why should Iranians have a revolution

As one and half billion humans of nations are undeserved for a better life

That the Islamic or Christianity or Jewish culture of countries undermined by communist regimes has been dissolved

Dividing to rule

Of course we need change and we should stand up for it

But not to change the faith of the people of this territory an impossible task

We have to change the politicians who oppose the rule of law by legal means

The rule of law

That individuals, persons and government shall submit to, obey and be regulated by law, and not arbitrary action by an individual or a group of individuals

In the most basic sense, the rule of law is a system that attempts to protect the rights of citizens from arbitrary and abusive use of government power

The rule of law is a legal maxim that states no person is immune to law, and no one can be punished by the government except for a breach of the law

Having the peaceful nuclear energy hence having the knowledge of building the bomb takes away the importance of possession and helps the destruction of such weapons

To protest for decades more of Pahlavi or Ghajar dynasties or another team of hungry position and wealth seekers, and or clan lovers to rule us is madness

Partial or Impartial

Empires does not exist any more and Influence today comes from friendship

For centuries we have been friends with our neighbors

To flourish we need to commerce with our neighbors

In the past adversaries have separated us from our neighbors with history of trade and culture for many centuries

We claim to be the ancestors of Cyrus the grate

We brag about his charter

And yet we insult people for their belief, religion, and race

Governing systems are not perfect and they are escalating legally towards better performance

We have constitution we should read it, adjust it to our needs, and rule ourselves

Look at the history of dynasties and see haw long that has taken us to be independent? The blunder is that disillusioned protesters attack the prospers portion of the regime as fault and not the illegal ones voicing American’s and Israel’s governments fancy

We get misleadingly coached by motivated individuals

Today Iran’s foreign policy has proven fruitful

We stand independent, strong, and fair

Among many problems one is the social justice and justice needs impartial independent administration

The establishments ofIran’s judiciary system is biased and corrupt

Stand up to change it by the law

There are three independent elements forming Iranian system of governments, the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary, Dr. Ahmadinjad is the head of Executive branch of the government, and since Iran after centuries suppress by puppet rulers became independent, the west and especially American government oppose, his push for Iran’s right in his third governing position with in the ruling party brought him the fame of being the sole ruler of Iran

The independent Judiciary is the key internal and international problem in Iran aside of being corrupt and bias they break laws, plot, and silence who ever sounds oppose to shady politicians and or entities, although Ahmadinjad has given the names and facts about such events it has been deceivingly denied by Judiciary, hence he has made numerous enemies inside Iran, adding the west opposing his position of defending Iran’s right he has made enemies outside Iran too as Mossadeq did in 50s and was overthrown by CIA

Uninformed Iranian oppositions also voice the west and contest him for entirely a deferent grounds unrelated to him, petrol was used to clean engines by buckets and smuggled to neighboring countries by mules and corrupt custom officials in millions of gallons that is not mentioning other events took place which has been altered by his policies

He has no authority or privileges over political prisoners or media restrictions and human rights violations which Iran is blamed for

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