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Israel wages war on Iranian scientists

Posted by alanmirs on August 27, 2011

Asia Time Online - Daily News

By Mahan Abedin

As the trial of Majid Jamali Fashi, the confessed murderer of Iranian physicist Massoud Ali Mohammadi, gets underway in Tehran, more light has been shed on the secret but intense Israeli war against Iranian scientists.

Amid the confusion, rampant speculation and propaganda, two issues are clear. Foremost, the four-year Israeli assassination campaign exposes the weaknesses in Iranian protective security measures. Second, if the campaign continues apace, Iran will come under increasing pressure to strike back.

Posthumous hero
In many ways, Ali Mohammadi fits the profile of the dozens of

Iranian scientists that have been targeted for recruitment, coercion or in his case assassination by Western and Israeli intelligence services. With a long and distinguished academic career, during which he published 53 research articles in peer-reviewed academic journals, Ali Mohammadi was also engaged in undeclared projects that were clearly of immense interest to intelligence services.

A quantum field theorist and a professor of elementary particle physics at Tehran University, Ali Mohammadi was assassinated by means of a booby-trapped motorbike on January 12, 2010, immediately outside his home in the Gheytariyeh neighborhood of northern Tehran.

Although Ali Mohammadi is not known to have any declared links to Iran’s nuclear program or any other sensitive project, it is clear from the trial of his alleged murderer that he was involved in work that was deemed to be of great national importance.

His bereaved wife Mansoureh Karami made an emotional appearance at the trial where she poured scorn on Israel and the terrorist methods employed by the Jewish state’s intelligence services and ended by declaring that her husband’s only crime was great “love” for and dedication to his country.

Although it is pure speculation, Karami’s description of her husband may be a calculated admission by the late Ali Mohammadi’s family that the physicist may have been involved in work beyond that of his declared academic job and interests.

In the immediate aftermath of Ali Mohammadi’s assassination, there were attempts to link him to the opposition “Green” movement with reports claiming the scientist held “reformist” views and had even signed a petition to that effect. The implication of these essentially speculative reports and rumors was that the Iranian government had arranged the scientist’s murder.

But even if Ali Mohammadi had been a reformist and a supporter of the “Green” movement, there is no contradiction between that position and a strong commitment to the Islamic Republic and its goals. Indeed, most reformists and the mainstream sections of the movement would argue the same

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